Why you should work with us

Our Team of Technicians is Professional and Experienced in Making the Machinery Like New in Sandonini Style. We have a Professional and Efficient Technical Service Support Before and After Sale.

Work process


We are a Global Market Leader for Rebuilding and Reconditioning Machinery. We Withdraw Textile Machinery with Manufacturing Defects and Refurbish them to Resell the pieces to Our Clients as Good as New.


Machines are put through an accurate inspection and cleaning process. Then they are refurbished and any defective modules identified during the testing process  is replaced with original parts.


After the reconditioning process, the product is placed into a final inspection. Finally it’s repackaged including related manuals, cables, new boxes, etc.

Our Service

Technical support:

Whenever you need us, we’re here to help.
Our service professionals can help you: Diagnose and troubleshoot, Assess machine performance, Identify components, Mount and/or remove components, Review software, Optimize equipment performance

Spare Parts For Textile Machinery:

We deliver high-quality knitting units, needles, sinkers and spare parts for the textile industry – worldwide, simple, reliable and fast. The machinery of our customers are on every continent, in Europe as well, as in Asia, Africa, North and South America or Australia.

Installation Service:

Our professional team of machinists and ingeniering technicians are skilled in the fields of mechanical installation, repair and new part manufacturing.


Sandonini offers in plant training to ensure your personnel have the know-how to properly operate your textile machinery. On-site training services offer a number of benefits, including: Ease of Learning, Cost Savings, Scheduling Flexibility

It’s a plasure Satisfy All Your Request.

Our Efficient Spare Parts Service Provides you with All Mechanical and Electronics Parts for all Machines that we sell. Look at Our Website Few Lists of Machines and Services Available. We are Happy to be Able to Serve You for All the Machinery that you Need.